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A khanate [pronounced "kaa-nayt"] was a political and military entity ruled by a khan (ruler),  which was typically found on the Eurasian Steppe and could be equivalent in status to tribal chiefdom, principality, kingdom, or empire. The name of a khanate was typically accompanied by the name of a people, tribe, or a geographical region denoting the territory it controlled. In this case: "Okanagan Khanate" denotes a regional presence.

Below is a living map of the region that will be updated as the Khanate ‘conquers’ each territory! How it will work is, OKMA will stay true to the nomadic spirit of mounted archery by competing in different venues across the Okanagan Valley. In each town, city, or region, competitors must meet or exceed a pre-determined combined score to conquer it. When that has been achieved the map will be updated with the score and details from the event.

In this way, while participants are still individually graded, they are working together to achieve something. Moreover, this allows people at every level (walk/trot/canter) to know that they are meaningfully contributing to the overarching victory.

Keep your heels down and your eyes on the horizon for the Khanate coming to a venue near you!

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