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The Horses

It's not a mystery that great mounted archers can't do their job without great horses, so OKMA has partnered with Elm Tree Equine to develop and raise top quality archery horses. Not only do we have several of our own finished archery horses but with the help of ETE  we have provided several owners with the resources and in person training to develop their horses into successful competitive mounted archery partners.

Club Horse


Matcha is a 5 year old, 13.3hh mare that was wild back in 2020, since then Elm Tree Equine has broke her to ride and she is now a very competitive mounted archery horse. She is super adjustable and has a lot of try. A great horse for the experienced mounted archer.


Club Members Horse


Bellini is a 2017 QH × Heinz57 model who came in as a feral yearling with plenty of quirks. She has shown herself to have a heart of gold, and took quickly to having arrows shot from her.

Club Horse


Drifter is a 28 year old gelding - you'd never know he's 28! This cool dude is a babysitter on the trail and down the track, his rider Archer is our Training and Coaching Director.  The two of them are a great team and working towards cantering down the lane!


Club Horse

RM (29).JPG


Lijah is a 7 year old buckskin mare owned by Rick.  Her name means 'sweet and beautiful' which describes her exactly.  Rick took on this unstarted mare in April as his first time starting a colt and has done a wonderful job keeping her balanced and quiet through her training.  She is still green to archery but coming along nicely.  Lijah and Rick will be tough competitors down the archery lane as she is already proving to be willing and confident in her early steps of training. 

Club Members Horse


Rokaya is a sweet mare who started doing archery back in September 2021, she was then sold to Kim who has continued to do archery with her since and the two of them are working towards getting a club started in Trail, BC!  We are excited to watch this dynamic duo grow together into competitive mounted archers. Rokaya means enlightenment in Arabic. 

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