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Family/Youth Clinics

This clinic is specifically for families with kids who want to participate (suggested age 6-15). 

Children must be accommodated by at least one participating adult, all equipment will be provided and a fun day of learning archery and playing some fun family archery games! No horse required for this clinic, we will be focusing on fundamentals of horseback archery and will be working off of 'Double Shot' our 2 saddle trailer where kids can gain confidence shooting off a moving platform!

Is your family looking for a fun activity to participate in this summer where you channel your inner warrior and learn something new!? Email us at for pricing, and check our events calendar for dates!

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Weekend Clinics
Beginner Clinic
Suggested ages 14-99
Our beginner weekend clinics are for the new and beginner archer.  It is important to note that the style we shoot off of horseback may be different than the styles you are already familiar with when shooting compound or recurve bows.  We teach how to shoot using a thumb release, which is designed for shooting off of horseback safely.  If you have never shot with a thumb release or are just learning, this is the clinic for you! You do not need any experience with a bow to attend this clinic and no horse or horse experience is required either! We encourage everyone to learn how to shoot a horse bow, even if you have never rode before. 

Advanced Clinic
Suggested ages 14-99
Our advanced weekend clinics are for those who have attended a beginner clinic or two or have previous experience with shooting traditional horse bows. In this clinic expect to step up your training, incorporating different shots (front shot, back shot, kneeling, etc.) and more advanced methods. Learn more about the history of the sport, increase your accuracy on double shot or horseback and fine tune your technique. 
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